Children Of Bodom Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne, Australia

Mid week appointment to shoot Finland’s Children Of Bodom. I got them again last time they were here a few years ago at the Palace, tonight they would be treading the boards at a very packed 170 Russell/Billboard.

Children Of Bodom seem to have a pretty healthy Australian audience because as soon as the band kicked off their set, it was on for young and old.

The photo-pit was incredibly crowded so manoeuvring around became quite a chore.

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Morbid Angel Live @ The Hifi, Melbourne, Australia

Tonight would be the third time I have photographed Morbid Angel. Once at Billboard/170 Russell back in 2009 and twice now at the Hifi.

As has been documented a million time in this blog, the Hifi is not my fave place to photograph a band at. In fact, it is pretty horrible.

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Kreator, Death Angel Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne, Australia

Preparing for the show tonight my good friends at Metropolis Touring arranged for me to have an AAA (access all areas) pass to shoot both Death Angel and Kreator for their various social media sites. The aforementioned pass would afford me more liberal access and ensure that I got the shots that would be required.

I had done some work for this tour a few months ago preparing the tour trailer which was so much fun to do and can be seen at the foot of this article.

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Killswitch Engage, Kill Devil Hill Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

Walking into the Palace Theatre tonight, I felt a sense of sadness that this iconic and marvellous Melbourne treasure was hosting just one last batch of gigs before demolition.

How could this be? How could we let overseas developers do this to this incredible venue?

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Monster Magnet Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne, Australia

The ribbing started as soon as I entered the photo pit very late having missed all but one of the opening bands for Monster Magnet’s Melbourne show. With that in mind, I only got to shoot about a minute of King Of The North before the allotted three-song limit had come and gone.

My colleagues weren’t to let me get away with that so I took it all on the chin and waited patiently for Monster Magnet.

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Kylesa Live @ The Espy, Melbourne, Australia

Over the past five years or so, Kylesa have ranked as one of my fave bands. Their discography gets liberal doses of airtime at very regular intervals. Hey, I’m a fan! A big fan!

So it was with great excitement that I greeted their tour of Australia that is happening as we speak. I quickly looked at the dates trying to line up the night I could actually shoot them.

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Rob Zombie, Korn, Mushroomhead Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

Another day, another gig. Yep, it must be Soundwave week. On tonight’s agenda Korn, Rob Zombie and Mushroomhead.

Before I even got to the gig I had an eventful day from the get-go. As John Baizley from Baroness was to be doing an in-store at Eureka Rebellion Trading tonight, I printed out a photo from last night’s gig hoping John would sign it for me tonight.

With half a day off from work, I was at Eureka getting some more tattoo work done as well. A freshly inked tattoo is the last thing one wants to take into a gig! But I digress.

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Mastodon, Gojira, Baroness Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

One of the best things about the annual Soundwave Festival is all the amazing bundle ‘Sidewave’ shows that occur to the lead-up of the main day. Over the course of the week, the city of Melbourne is inundated with a plethora of international Rock acts of the heavier persuasion of music. Every single venue throughout Melbourne is hosting 3-4 top shelf acts.

Tonight the dice fell my way and I was granted access to photograph Baroness, Gojira and Mastodon. All unique acts in their own right and ones I am a big fan of.

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Havok, King Parrot, Desecrator Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

With Melbourne in the midst of an oppressive heatwave with temperatures soaring into the very uncomfortable zone, the last place anyone would want to be was in a small Rock venue surrounded by a rabid Thrash Metal crowd – but that’s exactly where I found myself tonight.

I made it in time to catch the opening of Desecrator’s set. I have seen these guys a few times in the last few years and as always, they fail to disappoint. Riley is an amazing frontman full of positive, genuine energy and the band, again, put in a world class performance. Slaying through a set of classic old-school inspired Thrash, they had the rabid crowd in pure rapture.

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Big Day Out Melbourne 2014

I hadn’t shot a Music Festival before. I came very close last year being assigned to photograph the Soundwave Festival, but I fell ill that week and missed out on the opportunity. This year, I got allocated passes to photography the annual Big Day Out sojourn and I was very much looking forward to it seeing as Primus, Ghost, Vista Chino and Deftones were on the bill.

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Ghost Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

You should have been there Melbourne! You shoulda been there! To say that tonight’s Ghost gig, their first proper headline show on our shores, was a classic, is an understatement. It was one out of the box both for fans and band alike.

Having toured Australia early last year as part of the Soundwave Festival, the band won many fans over with their unique schtick and retro prog classic rock sound. But tonight, they’d be holding their own in front of an adoring Melbourne crowd. Never have I ever seen such a collection of Ghost t-shirts in the one room! It was a plethora of Ghost branded fans lining the Hifi Bar from floor to ceiling.

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Rotting Christ & The Amenta Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

The previous 4 to 5 days in Melbourne town were akin to being baked in Hell. A sure sign that the apocalypse was nigh and even if the incessant heat was beginning to dissipate, Rotting Christ were in town to headline HEAVYfest II so one more hot night was guaranteed for all.

HEAVYfest marked HEAVY Magazine’s second birthday. A magazine I am very proud to be associated with handling online design and development for them as well as taking a photo or two! The magazine is like no other in Australia and is now fully entrenched in its second year. I work with some of the most amazing and talented people at HEAVY and tonight was a great way to celebrate all that the magazine has achieved in this time.

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Mayhem & Watain Live @ The Hifi, Melbourne, Australia

It wasn’t just the weather heating up the city of Melbourne… a couple of Lucifer’s finest had taken possession over the Hifi Bar – Mayhem and Watain in a black metal double-bill veritable hellfest!

Having taken a bit of a break from the gig shooting over the past month or so, it was great to get back into it tonight with a Black Metal extravaganza and two bands who I have not shot before.

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Steel Panther Live @ The Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl was the place to be overt the weekend with three of Cock Rock’s finest set to turn Melbourne’s summery humidity into an ooze of kick ass American Hard Rock N Roll!

I was so looking forward to this gig as it would be my first encounter with the greatest band in the world, Steel Panther! And also, the first time I have photographed at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

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Kadavar Live @ Eureka Rebellion Trading, Melbourne, Australia

It was only just a few days ago that I sat down to jot some thoughts on my top 10 albums of the year when without a moment’s hesitation, Kadaver’s masterpiece ‘Abra Kadaver’ wedged itself nicely at the number one slot. An absolutely superb opus that has pretty much received heavy rotation all year long.

So it was with the greatest of excitement when the fine folk at Heathen Touring announced the extensive tour of Kadavar that I began pencilling in when I could get a chance to photograph them.

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Enslaved Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

There aren’t too many bands that would drag me to the Hifi Bar for a shoot these days, but when I saw that Enslaved would be in town and for the first time in Australia, my Hifi Bar boycott, would have to be broken. I mean seriously, who’s gonna miss out on shooting these guys… shit venue or not?

Tonight’s shoot was made even more difficult due to the fact that there was no pit to work from. That’s twice in a week for me so if there was to be any photos tonight, like last week, I would have to improvise.

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Behemoth & Hour Of Penance Live @ The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, Australia

It’s been a few years since I last crossed paths with the might of Behemoth. A lot has happened between drinks! With Behemoth main-man Nergal (Adam Darski) battling a serious illness – no one quite knew what the future of Behemoth was to be.

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Devin Townsend Project & Ne Obvliscaris Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

When Devin Townsend is coming to town, it’s a sure sign to move heaven and earth to get a photo-pass. I’ve had the privilege of being in Mr Townsend’s photo-pit twice in the last few years and even that is not enough. You see, a Devin Townsend gig is always, without fail a monumental night of fun, killer tunes, precision musicianship and a slab of damn fine songs from the back-catalogue.

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