Mayhem & Watain Live @ The Hifi, Melbourne, Australia

It wasn’t just the weather heating up the city of Melbourne… a couple of Lucifer’s finest had taken possession over the Hifi Bar – Mayhem and Watain in a black metal double-bill veritable hellfest!

Having taken a bit of a break from the gig shooting over the past month or so, it was great to get back into it tonight with a Black Metal extravaganza and two bands who I have not shot before.

Granted, it was at the shitful Hifi Bar, I was more than anticipating the woeful archaic lighting beforehand but I was determined to do the best I could. Seriously, give the front row of punters 5 battery powered torches and you would get a better lit gig! (You think I’m kidding?)

Arrived at the venue just minutes before Watain were to take the stage. Luckily tonight we had a pit to work from otherwise it would have been an incredible struggle to get any photos as the venue was absolutely packed to the rafters.

Watain took hold and refused to let go with a blistering plethora of their finest. Lit inverted crosses at the front of the stage set the tone for most of the night. An incredibly receptive audience lapped it all up – pure evil and a stench from the stage enveloped the entire room! It was fun shooting them, I just wish I could actually see what I was shooting at times (groan!) but I did enjoy this brief sojourn with one of this genre’s finest.


The ever-lasting drone after Watain’s set lasted a while. The inverted crosses remained lit as if in homage to any dark forces present within the room. Once they were extinguished, it was time for Mayhem to unleash hell.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary – they took command. Seasoned by years on the road and all that has gone with it, they were rabid, merciless and took over pretty much were Watain left off!

Again, incredibly hard to photograph as the majority of the set was in total darkness at times.

Mayhem & Watain Live @ The Hifi, Melbourne, Australia

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