Rob Zombie, Korn, Mushroomhead Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

Another day, another gig. Yep, it must be Soundwave week. On tonight’s agenda Korn, Rob Zombie and Mushroomhead.

Before I even got to the gig I had an eventful day from the get-go. As John Baizley from Baroness was to be doing an in-store at Eureka Rebellion Trading tonight, I printed out a photo from last night’s gig hoping John would sign it for me tonight.

With half a day off from work, I was at Eureka getting some more tattoo work done as well. A freshly inked tattoo is the last thing one wants to take into a gig! But I digress.

With the photo left with my good friends at Eureka, they would get John to sign it for me whilst I was at the show tonight. Friends in high places, I has them!

With tonight’s show sold out week’s ago, the line to get into the venue stretched around a couple of city blocks. Damn that looks good when a festering shitload of metal-heads are collated like that!

Hitting the stage right on time were Mushroomhead. I can’t say I have ever heard the band’s music before, but they nu-metal’d their way through an energetic pig-faced set. They proved to be a real treat to photograph as many of the band’s members totally hammed it up for the throng of photographers in the pit.

Mushroomhead 188

After their set, a few of the band, still masked – made their way to the merch stand and tried to sell as many t-shirts as they could. Such a different economic environment these days when many bands solely rely on their merch sales just to function as an entity.

When the roadies were setting up the stage for Rob Zombie, terror went through the heart’s of all the photographers present tonight. There were three large platforms placed at the very edge of the stage making the shoot almost impossible. The angle was almost impossible to get a decent photo and it proved to be a very painful and incredibly frustrating shoot. I made a mental note to not bother shooting them at Soundwave on Friday as it would be a repeat of this. Fuck that!

Anyway, did the absolute best I could under very trying conditions.

Big props to guitarist John 5 for totally hamming it up whenever he saw the camera on him. We played a few games of stare-down which he won easily!

Rob Zombie 200

The Zombie 3 songs went by in a flash and I was pretty certain that I didn’t really capture anything of note tonight. A bunch of the photographers made our way upstairs for the remaining duration of Rob Zombie’s set and waited patiently for Korn to hit the stage.

And now it was time for Korn. One of my absolute fave bands since they released their magnificent debut album so long ago now. No one sounded like Korn back in the day and they were a band that defined and re-defined a genre. I feel they are vastly underrated in what they have achieved as they have been dumped into the oh-so-stupid Nu Metal genre but as a live act… wow, not many can hold their place against them.

So amazingly awesome seeing Brian ‘Head’ Welch back in the band as without him, I always felt Korn were a little lost.

Korn 165

This was my first time at a Korn gig and to be there as a photographer was an honour for me. Finally I have seen (and photographed!) Korn!

Rob Zombie, Korn, Mushroomhead Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

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