Monster Magnet Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne, Australia

The ribbing started as soon as I entered the photo pit very late having missed all but one of the opening bands for Monster Magnet’s Melbourne show. With that in mind, I only got to shoot about a minute of King Of The North before the allotted three-song limit had come and gone.

My colleagues weren’t to let me get away with that so I took it all on the chin and waited patiently for Monster Magnet.

“Oooh John only shows up for the headliners…”

Uh huh!

I have distinct memories of shooting Monster Magnet at this very venue back in 2009. That shoot lasted about 30 seconds before we were escorted out of the venue… and that too was mentioned in the (very crowded) photo-pit tonight.


There must have been 12 photogs tonight making it very hard to move around to either side of the stage. I planted myself in the middle and tried from there to get shots of stage right and left.

It had been ages since I shot at Billboard, now renamed 170 Russell – geez which marketing genius came up with the idea to name it that? Ugh! I had missed the old girl, a venue I cut my teeth at when I first started shooting music.

As always, Monster Magnet were simply fuckn bombastic! They truly are one of the world’s great hard rock bands. Pure hard rock delivered with groove, attitude and a mega healthy does of volume and power.

They killed it. They always do and the enclosed throng of stoners, metal heads and rockers lapped it all up and gave just as much back to the band before them.


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