By day, a mild-mannered multimedia director but by night a super-heroic rock photographer armed with lens, attitude and a vast collection of black tee shirts!

Well, that’s the abbreviated version which pretty much does fit in a teeny-tiny nutshell. Obviously, there’s more though. A whole lot more.

Visceral Industry began life in 2006 in a totally different form than what you see before you now.

Move forward a couple of years and as I had begun concentrating on live music photography, I needed a site to showcase some of my work. The name Visceral Industry had been sitting on a dusty shelf – so it became the moniker for my live music photography.

However, although live music photography is my passion, it is not the only type of photography I concentrate on.

You can view some of my other work over at the Clandestine Manifesto, 500px, John Raptis Photography and Flickr.

My photos have appeared in several publications and books such as The Age, Herald Sun, Desktop Magazine, HEAVY Magazine, Bound By Ink Magazine, The Bulletin, Afar Magazine, OPA Magazine, The Corner Anniversary book, Create Magazine, Black Magazine, Articulate Book, Fiend Magazine, Everfresh Blackbook, FiveOnFive Magazine, Playing House Book to name a few.

I enjoy doing the social media song and dance and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

I also do the occasional blog post over at Desktop Magazine’s blog.

That should keep you real busy but if you still want a piece of me, use the Contact page to get in touch!

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