Rob Zombie, Korn, Mushroomhead Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

Another day, another gig. Yep, it must be Soundwave week. On tonight’s agenda Korn, Rob Zombie and Mushroomhead.

Before I even got to the gig I had an eventful day from the get-go. As John Baizley from Baroness was to be doing an in-store at Eureka Rebellion Trading tonight, I printed out a photo from last night’s gig hoping John would sign it for me tonight.

With half a day off from work, I was at Eureka getting some more tattoo work done as well. A freshly inked tattoo is the last thing one wants to take into a gig! But I digress.

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Mastodon, Gojira, Baroness Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

One of the best things about the annual Soundwave Festival is all the amazing bundle ‘Sidewave’ shows that occur to the lead-up of the main day. Over the course of the week, the city of Melbourne is inundated with a plethora of international Rock acts of the heavier persuasion of music. Every single venue throughout Melbourne is hosting 3-4 top shelf acts.

Tonight the dice fell my way and I was granted access to photograph Baroness, Gojira and Mastodon. All unique acts in their own right and ones I am a big fan of.

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Devin Townsend Project & Ne Obvliscaris Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

When Devin Townsend is coming to town, it’s a sure sign to move heaven and earth to get a photo-pass. I’ve had the privilege of being in Mr Townsend’s photo-pit twice in the last few years and even that is not enough. You see, a Devin Townsend gig is always, without fail a monumental night of fun, killer tunes, precision musicianship and a slab of damn fine songs from the back-catalogue.

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